A steel fullrigged ship built in 1890 by C. Connell & Co., Glasgow, as yard no. 171. Dimensions: 79,50×12,16"×7,08 meters and tonnage: 1757 GRT, ___ NRT and ___ tons under deck.
Launched at the shipyard of C. Connell & Co., Glasgow, for B. Wencke Söhne, Hamburg. Assigned the official German signal KHNV [?].
1906 January 30
Sold to Rhederei AG von 1896, Hamburg. Kresse lists the signal RJFC.
Captain K. Kosmund.
Captain H. Schütt.
Laid up with a cargo of pit props in Northern Sweden at the outbreak of the war.
1917 January
Sold to Erato GmbH (M. Gadeberg, Hadersleben), Hamburg, but never used.
Sold to G.A. Lanner, Kaskö, Finland, and was laid up in Stockholm.
1920 September 27
Sold to Rederiet Martin Gadebjerg, Haderslev, Denmark.
1921 July 28
Sold at auction to Gustaf Örn, Stockholm, for SEK 10.000. The cargo of pit props was included in the sale. The ship remained inactive in Stockholm. The Swedish measurements were 81,53×12,19×7,01 meters and 1757 GRT, 1666 NRT and 2450 DWT.
1924 April 16
Sold to Firma Klassmann & Lentze, Dortmund, to be broken up.


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