Francois Arago

An iron steamer built in 1855 by Guilbert fils, Nantes. Dimensions: 74,16×11,78×9,37 meters and tonnage: 1932 GRT, 1831 NRT and 2600 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of Guilbert fils, Nantes, for Compagnie Franco-Americaine de Nav (Gauthier Frères), Lyon. Employed in the Gulf trade.
Sold to W.T. Jacobs, Liverpool, and was renamed Accrington. Re-built as a pure full-rigged sailing ship.
Sold to Gracie, Beazly & Co., Liverpool.
1889 December
Sold to Otto Banck, Helsingborg, and Johan Ingmarsson, Mörrum, Sweden, for £ 5000. Assigned the official Swedish Registration No. 323 and signal HVBD. Captain Herman Lindström, Gothenburg.
Captain Bernt Olsson, Istaby.
1860 September 17 - December 24
Sailed from Great Britain to Dunedin in 98 days under Captain Turnbull.
Broken up at Sölvesborg. The rig was put on the wreck of the Port Errol which was being repaired at the same time.


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