An iron barque built in 1880 by the master shipwright James Buchan at Sjöbergs Varf, Södertörn, Sweden. Dimensions: 175'2"×29'1"×16'0" and tonnage: 575 GRT, 547 NRT and 800 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of Sjöbergs Varf, Södertörn, for Gustaf Frithiof Cawallin and August Sundberg, Framnäs, Sweden. Assigned the official Swedish Registration No. 3095 and signal HQGT.
1892 July 27
G. F. Cawallin became the sole owner of the ship.
1892 August 31
Owership was taken over by the Sundsvalls Enskilda Bank.
1898 January 19
Sold to Framnäs Varfs AB (C.W. Löfgren), Framnäs.
1901 June 9
Was run down by the English steamer Vala


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