Fürst Bismarck

An iron barque built in 1877 by A.G. Weser, Bremen, as Yard No. 169. Dimensions: 57,90×10,20×6,25 meters [___'_"×__'_"×__'_"] and tonnage: 992 GRT, 968 NRT and 1560 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of A.G. Weser, Bremen, for Fritze & Gerdes, Bremen.
Sold to Schrader & Gärtner, Bremen.
Sold to Diedrich Haye, Brake.
Sold to AB Bellvill (And. S. Cronberg), Landskrona, Sweden, and was renamed Bellvill. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 5442 and signal JTBH.
1912 - 1915 June
In command of Captain Gustaf Olsson, Arild.
1915 June - 1917 February
In command of Ivar Tuvasson, Östra Nöbbelöf.
1917 February -
In command of Captain Frederik Wallin, Slite.
1917 July 7
Sold to Sidney Boldt, Landskrona.
1917 November 11
Sailed from Fleetwood for Cadiz with a cargo of 1550 tons of pitch.
1917 December 12
Sunk by a German submarine 40 miles SW of the Tuskar lighthouse. The crew was able to reach the Coninberg lightship in the boats.


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