An iron full-rigged ship built in 1882 by R. Williamson & Son as their first iron ship at their new yard in Workington at £ 12 15s per ton or a total of £ 22.400. Dimensions 81,28×11,93×7,20 meters [266'5"×39'1"×23'6"] and 1842 GRT, 1800 NRT and 1720 tons under deck.
1882 January
Launched at the shipyard of R. Williamson & Son, Workington, for Sailing Ship Grassendale Co. Ltd. (R.W. Leyland & Co.), Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. _____ and signal ____.
1884 May 17
Left New York for Shanghai with a cargo of 72.500 cases of petroleum under command of Captain Richardson who in addition to a crew of 29 also had his wife and children onboard.
1884 August 30
Last spoken to off Rio de Janeiro.
1884 October
Cases of petroleum with the same hallmark as those of Grassendale's cargo were found floating near the Straits of Sunda.


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