An iron full-rigged ship built in 1885 by R. Williamson & Son, Workington. Dimensions: 267'0"×39'1"×23'6" and tonnage: 1860 GRT, 1819 NRT and 1727 tons under deck. Rigged with royals over single topgallant and double top-sails.
Launched at the shipyard of R. Williamson & Son, Workington, for R.W. Leyland & Co., Liverpool.
1906 June
Sold through Clarkson & Co. to Gabriel Granlund Jr, Rauma, Finland, for £ 10.000 and was renamed Imperator Aleksander II. [Walker has 1900]
Sold to F. Lehtinen, Rauma, Finland.
Sold to Oy Tonnage, Helsingfors.
1918 September
Sold to AB Svenska Handels- och Sjöfartskompaniet (Sven Låftman), Stockholm, for SEK 900.000 and was renamed Ernst. The Swedish tonnage figures were 1849 GRT, 1766 NRT and 2800 DWT.
1919 November 13
Sold to AB Harald Schüssler, Stockholm, for SEK 500.000.
1920 January 8
Transferred to Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg, while in Santos. Captain Karl Petter Mattsson, Öregrund, was appointed her new master.
1920 January 15
Left Santos with a cargo of cakes [cattle-fodder].
1920 April 24
Arrived at Skagen where she got a pilot to navigate the minefields at Hertha's Flak. The requested steam-tug could not come due to a strike among the firemen. In the meantime the wind increased and the ship had to sail eastwards to avoid the mines.
1920 April 25
Struck a mine at Hertha's Flak in position 57°45,5' N and 11°5' E and sank at a depth of 45 meters.


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