An iron barque built in 1868 by Brown & Simpson, Dundee. Dimensions 156'0"×26'7"×17'2" and 495 GRT, 472 NRT and 469 tons under deck.

1868 March
Launched at the shipyard of Brown & Simpson, Dundee, for W. Nicol, Dundee. Assigned the official British Registration No. 58240 and signal HVNF.
Sold to J. Machen, Dundee.
1881 September
Sold to Carl Georg Ludwig Mathies & Co., Hamburg. The German measurements were 48,09×8,24×5,33 meters and 478 NRT.
In command of Captain P.C. Svarrer.
1888 August 12
Sold to A/S Havilah (P.C. Svarrer), Nordby, Fanø, Denmark, for DEM 48.000 or DKK 42.000. Sailed for Knöhr & Burchard in the South Sea trade.
1892 May 23
Sold to Gottfrid Sjöberg and partners, Malmö, for £ 2200. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 215 and signal JBGK. The new measurements were 47,50×8,15×5,23 meters and 511 GRT, 448 NRT and 900 DWT. Captain Gustaf Rosenquist, Mölle.
Captain Carl Wilh. Myra, Öregrund.
1895 December 12
Arrived to Helsingborg from Tocopilla with a cargo of nitrate and grounded 300 meters south of the outer pier while under tow into the harbour. Re-floated after part of the cargo had been discharged. Was condemned and taken over by the insurance company. Sold at auction back to the old owners for SEK 23.000.
1896 March 31
Captain Bernhard Corfitzon, Mölle.
1899 October 21
Wrecked 6 miles EbN of Enskärs Lighthouse, Nystad, Finland, on voyage from Kemi.


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