A three-masted steel barque built in 1900 by Ailsa Shipbuilding Coompany, Trron. 261'5"x39'5"x22'7" 1757 GRT and 1523 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails. Sistership to Kildalton.
1900 June 30
Launched at the shipyard of Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Troon, for The Killoran Barque Co. (Messrs J. Browne), Glasgow. Used in the San Francisco grain trade.
1909 September 8
Sold to Messrs J. Hardie and Co., Glagow.
1921 November 29
Arrived at Sunderland where she was subsequently laid up.
1924 February 7
Sold to Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn, for £ 2650. [Two other dates are also given]
1940 June 15
Sailed from Buenos Aires with a cargo of corn and sugar for La Palmas.
1940 August 10
Sunk by the German aux. cruiser Wideer under command of Korvetten-Kapitän von Rückteschell, at 33°06' N and 24°19' W.


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