A three-masted steel barque built in 1880 by J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 68,98×11,07×6,73 meters [226'2×36'4×22] and tonnage: 1235 GRT, 1144 NRT and 1900 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of J. Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, for Nicholson & McGill, Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. _____ and signal TKBV.
In command of Captain A. Halladay.
In command of Captain A. Brander.
In command of Captain R. Thompson.
CaptainJ.C. Kitchin.
1894 August 4
Sailed from Liverpool to Iquique in 88 days.
Sold to Kr. Knudsen, Kristiansand, Norway, for £ 2500. Assigned the Norwegian signal KCJV.
In command of Capatin G. Magnusdal.
Sold to A/S Transatlantic (J.M. Larsen), Nyborg, Denmark, for £ 20 000. Assigned the Danish signal NVBD. [Grönstrand has J.J. Larsen]
Sold to Pappas & Pressas, Le Havre, France, but registered under R.H. Bager, Marstal, Denmark, and was renamed Suzanne. She was mainly used in the logwood trade from Jamaica to Le Havre. [Grönstrand has R.K. Bager]
Sold to Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn, for £ 800 and was renamed Kylemore. Was laid up for most of the time and did only a few trips to Denmark under the command of K.J. Eriksson.
1936 November
Sold to Leth & Co., Hamburg, to be broken up.
1937 January 7
Sailed from Mariehamn to Hamburg where she arrived on January 16th.

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