Lalla Rookh

Iron barque built in 1876 by R.J. Evans & Co., Liverpool. Dimensions 196'3"×31'9"×19'7" and tonnage 814 GRT, 814 NRT, and 1350 DWT.
1876 July
Launched at the shipyard of R.J. Evans & Co., Liverpool, for E.C. Friend & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Registration No. 74542 and signal QFBT.
Captain R. Kinnear.
Sold to the Newark Shipping Co. (Nicholson & Co.), Liverpool.
Sold to Lever Bros., Liverpool. Used in the South Pacific copra trade. [Lille has 1903]
1905 March 21
Sailed from Brisbane to Falmouth in 199 days under Captain Crawley.
Sold to O.T. Tørnevold, Grimstad, Norway, and was renamed Effendi.
Sold to H.T. Realfsen, Skien, and was renamed Belona.
Laid up at Skien, Norway.
1923 March
Sold to Verner Hacklin, Räfsö Finland, for £ 1800 and was renamed Karhu.
1926 February
Sold to Gustav Erikson, Mariehamn, and given back her original name. Captain Isidor Eriksson was given command of the vessel.
Captain K.V. Karlsson.
1928 late autumn
Sold to Brügge to be broken up.


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