Les Adelphes

A steel barque built in 1891 by A. Dubigeon, Nantes, as yard no. 393. Dimensions: 283'3"×35'5"×20'3" and tonnage: 1259 GRT, 1144 NRT and 2000 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of A. Dubigeon, Nantes, for C. & F. Brunellière frères. Assigned the official French Registration No. ____ and signal ____.
1907 June
Sold to P.A. Eriksen, Mandal, Norway, for FRF 110.000 and was renamed Eros.
Sold to A.P. Ulriksen, Mandal.
Sold to A/S Eros (John Jürgens), Kristiania.
1919 October 6
Sold to Sven Salén and partners, Gothenburg, for NOK 470.000.
1921 February 19
Sold to Messrs Ross & Co., Port Louis, for £ 12.000.
Sold to Ismail A. Assmal, Durban, South Africa.
Confiscated in Rangoon due to outstanding debts. The ship was in a poor condition and was laid up.
1926/27 June
Broken up.


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