An iron barque built in 1876 by A. Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, as yard no. 202. Dimensions: 184'9"×30'1"×18'3" and tonnage: 741 GRT, 718 NRT and 689 tons under deck.
1876 October
Launched at the shipyard of A. Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, for J. Boumphry & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 76358 and signal .....
1894 June 25
Sold to Nordmalings Skeppsrederi (Carl Magnus Bodén), Lefvar by (Nordmaling), Sweden, for £ 2750 and was renamed P. Wikström Junior. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 1531 and signal JDBP. The new measurements were 54,54×9,13×5,58 meters and 735 GRT, 685 NRT and 1000 DWT. Captain C.O. Carlsson, Bygdeå.
Sold at auction at the bankruptcy of Nordmalings Skeppsrederi to the former owner Carl Magnus Bodén, Norrköping. Captain C.M. Mattsson, Västervik, was now given command of the vessel.
On voyage from Chittagong to Trinidad, Captain Mattsson and four men of the crew died of beriberi. The ship was towed to Trinidad by the steamer Carina where she arrived on August 15. The P. Wikström Junior eventually returned to Sweden in March 1908 under temporary command of Captain Henriksen, Tvedestrand.
1908 May 8 - August 29
Sailed from Gothenburg to Zanzibar under command of Captain Andersson.
1913 October 28
Sold to John Andersson, Jomala, Åland and was renamed Axel.
Sold to Rederi AB Alfa, Åbo.
Sold to Hangö Rederi AB, Hangö. Command of the barque was first given to Captain Arthur Marander and later to Captain Anders Donner.
Sold to Sunderland to be broken up.


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