An iron fullrigged ship built in 1883 by H. Bothof & W. Gravenstein, Slikkerveer. Dimensions 206'8"×35'9"×20'9" and 1244 GRT, 1213 NRT and 1131 tons under deck.
1883 March
Launched at the shipyard of H. Bothof & W. Gravenstein, Slikkerveer, for ....
Captain L. Klinkhamer.
LR 1889-90: Owner: J. Koning & van Delden, Rotterdam.
Sold to August Troberg, Mariehamn, for FIM 105.000. The Finnish measurements were 62,3×10,5×6,22 meters. Captain G.A. Lindström.
1902 August 6-8
Lost all but the fore rig and sprung a leak during bad weather off Cape Horn on voyage from Wallaroo to Cartagena with a cargo of lead and silver ore.
1902 August 8
The crew was rescued by the Britsh ship Kilmory and the Lotos was abandoned after the hatches had been taken off.


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