Maggie Leslie

An iron barque built in 1862 by A. Leslie & Co., Newcastle. Dimensions: 163'2"×27'1"×16'1" and tonnage: ____ GRT, 468 NRT and ____ tons under deck.
1862 September
Launched at the shipyard of A. Leslie & Co., Newcastle, for their own account. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 45149 and signal ____.
1875 September 13
Sold to Emil J. Hagen, Hamburg, by W. Lindsay, Leith, and was renamed Irma. Assigned the German signal RDFG. The German measurements were 49,93×8,27×5,05 meters and 460 NRT.
In command of Captain W. Thuro.
1881 July 26/29
Sold to F. Laeisz, Hamburg, and was renamed Paquita.
In command of Captain C.L. Hansen.
1888 July 3 [31?]
Sold to August Burchard, Rostock. Assigned the German signal RGCV. The mew German measurements were 49,70×8,30×4,80 meters and 460 RT. Captain Ewald Möller was given command of the ship.
Sold to the Master Shipwright Möller, Rostock, for DEM 56.500 and was managed by Wilhelm Maack, Rostock.
Stranded on the river bank leaving Rosario.
Sold to owners at Stralsund.
Abandoned at sea.


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