Maréchal Suchet

Three-masted steel ship built in 1902 by Chantiers Ateliers Penhoet, St Nazaire. Dimensions: 86,7×12,4×7,3 m and tonnage: 2270 GRT, and 1991 NRT.
1902 November
Completed and delivered to Cie. de Navigation Française, Nantes, France.
Sold to Societé des Voilers Nantais, Nantes, France.
1910 February 18
Stranded on the Shingle Bank in a gale while under tow from Falmouth to London. She was badly damaged but was refloated on February 22 and was subsequently repaired.
Sold to Societé des Voilers Français, Le Havre, France.
Laid up in the River Gironde.
Sold to A/S Freedom (E. Friis-Hansen, mgr), Oslo, Norway, and was renamed Faith.
1924 July
Sold to F. Laeisz, Hamburg, for £ 3100 and was renamed the Pellworm.
Sold to Syndikatsreederei, Hamburg, and used in the harbour of Hamburg as an accomodation ship for strike-breakers.
Sold to Reichsverband Deutscher Jugendherbergen, Hamburg, and was rebuilt at Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, to a floating youth hostel, and was renamed Hein Godenwind.
1943 July 25
Sank at her moorings after an air-raid. The wreck was subsequently raised and used for target practice.
1944 February 9
Sunk by the Luftwaffe during target practice.

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