Maria Fidela

A composite barque built in 1868 by John Blumer & Co., Sunderland. Dimensions 49,29×9,58×5,64 meters [161'6"×31'4"×18'5"] and 658 GRT, 640 NRT and ____ tons under deck.
1868 October 15
Launched at the shipyard of John Blumer & Co., Sunderland, for C. Ansoleaga, Manila. Employed in the Manila - Liverpool/London trade.
1875 February 19
Sold to Killick, Martin & Ritchie, London, and was renamed Lucia. Assigned the official British Reg. No. _____ and signal ____.
1875 - 1886
Captain Cornelius Dunmanway Crowley late first mate of the same owner's ship Elmstone.
1886 May 21
Sold to Thomas Roberts, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.
1891 February 14
Sold to H. Calppison, Shanghai.
Sold to N.E.A. Möller, Shanghai. Later owned by Möller Bros.
1904 September 19
Struck a mine and sank off Port Arthur on voyage from Sganhai to Newchang. Only one of a crew of 16 was saved.


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