An iron barque built in 1876 by A. Hall & Co., Aberdeen, as yard no. 288 at a total cost of £ 7903. Dimensions 157'1"×27'3"×45'6" and 456 GRT, 442 NRT and 393 tons under deck.
1876 January
Launched at the shipyard of A. Hall & Co., Aberdeen, for J.T. Rennie & Sons, Aberdeen. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 70447. Used in the trade between Great Britain and South Africa.
Sold to J.H. Wøllner, Arendahl, Norway
1893 November
Abandoned 22 miles east of Spurn Point after having dis-masted during a violent storm on voyage from Arendal to Rio de Janeiro. The still floating wreck was brought to Grimsby.
1894 May 19
The wreck was sold to Otto Banck and Johan Ingmansson, Sölvesborg, for £ 800.
1894 October
Was registered in Sweden and renamed Hildur after having been repaired and received the rig from the barque Jomsborg. Captain Frans Larsson, Helsingborg.
Captain Ludvig Georg Tillström, Karlshamn.
1900 May 4
Sold at auction to J. Latayle & Cie., Bordeaux, and was renamed Madelaine.
1901 August 5
Lost at sea due to fire.


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