A three-masted iron ship built in 1872 by Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow. Dimensions __,__×__,__×_,__ m [264'2"×39'8"×23'7"] and tonnage 1750 GRT and 1671 NRT. Rigged with a double-tpgallant sails on main and fore-mast, royals and a main skysail.
Launched at the shipyard of Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow, for A.&J.H. Carmichael & Co's "Golden Fleece Line"., Greenock.
Captain Fife.
Sailed from London [?] to Sydney in 72 days.
1876 June 25 — August 30
Sailed from London to Melbourne in 66 days.
Sailed from Melbourne to Lizard Point in 71 days.
Sailed from Melbourne to London 78 days.
Captain J.G. Coles [Lloyd's; Lubbock has T.G. Coles].
Sailed from Melbourne to London 76 days.
Sailed from London to Melbourne in 77 days.
Sold to Gösta Lindblom, Åbo, Finland. Captain G.A. Cavenius.
1900 October [?]
Sold to Robert Mattsson, Mariehamn, for 190.000 marks. Captain M.A. Gustafsson.
1903 December 26 — February 8
Sailed from Fredrikshald, Norway, to Port Adelaide 73 days with a cargo of timber.
1905 October 23 — January 7
Sailed from London to Port Pirie in 75 days.
1909 December 8
Sailed from Fredrikstad, Norway, bound for Melbourne with a cargo of deals.
1909 December 11/12
Grounded during the night at Ranø, East of Kristiansand. Re-floated already the same afternoon and was anchored at in a sheltered place. The fore-mast was lost during the salvage.
1909 December 14
Sank at her anchorage, but was provisionally "sealed" and towed to the outer roadstead of Kristiansand. Was condemned after an inspection on the 16th of December as the keel had been damaged from the stem to midships.
1910 March 18
The wreck was sold at auction for 12.700 Crowns.

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