An iron barque built in 1889 by Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow, as Yard No. 160. Dimensions: 258'8"×38'7"×22'7" and tonnage: 1663 GRT, 1691 NRT and ____ tons under deck.
Launched at the shipyard of Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow.
1889 April 27
Delivered to Alb. Evers & Classen, Hamburg. Assigned the official German signal RHWV. Captain D.J. Spille.
Sold to Åbo Rederiaktiebolg (G.A. Lindblom), Åbo, Finland. The Finnish measurements were 75,4×11,6×6,9 meters. Captain Wilhelm Fagerholm was given command of the vessel.
1900 November 19
The coal cargo caught fire on voyage from Hamburg to China and the ship was abandoned near the Fiji Islands. The wreck was later towed by a steamer to Suva. Later sold to Union Steam Co., New Zealand, and used as a coal hulk at Wellington.
Scuttled at sea off the Wellington Heads.


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