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Three-masted steel barque built in 1891 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions 68,9x10,8x6,70 meters [236'2"x36'2"x21'7"], tonnage 1453 GRT, 1357 NRT and 2350 DWT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for Conrad Paulsen, Elsfleth. Later owned by Carl Winters, Elsfleth.
Sold to August Troberg, Mariehamn, for FIM 100.000.
1916 August 14
The majority of the shares was bought by Gustaf Erikson for FIM 420.500. Captain K.W. Karlsson.
1916 September 25 - December 12
Sailed from Cardiff to Port Nolloth with a cargo of coke at 100/- per ton.
1916 December 13 [?] - March 10
Sailed from Buenos Ayres to Pensacola in ballast.
1917 June 3 - September 9
Sailed from Pensacola to Buenos Ayres with a cargo of pitchpine at $40 per 1000 sup.ft.
1917 November 26 - February 14
Sailed from Buenos Ayres to Boston with a cargo of linseed at $13 per ton.
1918 April 1
Was seized by the US Goverment in New York in anticipation of a demand of freight tonnage due to the war. The ship was finnaly released in July.
1918 August 12 - November 12
Sailed from New York to Mossel Bay where part of the cargo was discharged. From there she continued to Post Elisabeth where she arrived on November 20.
Sailed from Port Elizabeth to East London where she loaded wool for Boston.
1919 October 3 - December 29
Sailed fron Norfolk to Buenos Ayres with a cargo of coal at $12 per ton.
1922 February 6
Collided with an iceberg off Cape Horn at 53°23'S, 49°16'W on voyage from Iqueue to Delagoa with a cargo of 2317 tons of saltpetre and was completely disabled after havng lost the rudder and most of the rigging.
1922 April 17
Sighted by the British SS Junin which towed her to Montevideo.
Sold at auction in Buenos Ayres for 3950 gold dollars. Converted into a barge and was renamed Constantia later Don Juna V. Was still in existance in 1954.

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