River Clyde

An iron barque built in 1864 by L. Hill & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 178'8"×31'2"×19'0" and tonnage: 741 GRT, 741 NRT and 677 tons under deck.
1864 May
Launched at the shipyard of L. Hill & Co., Port Glasgow, for Playfair & Co., Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 48930 and signal VWRT.
Sold to A. Denny, Glasgow. [Svenska järn- och stålseglare. has "W.D. Denny"]
Sold to Ant. Dom. Bordes et fils, Le Havre, and was renamed Valentine.
1892 April 8
Sold to C.A. Banck & Co., Helsingborg, for £ 2600. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 194 and signal JBFN. The new measurements were 184'3"×31'4"×19'0" and 741 GRT, 703 NRT and 1100 DWT. Captain Peter Göran Meijer, Råå.
1901 May
Sold to A/S Valentine (J.A. Leschbrandt), Mandal, Norway.
1910 March
Sold to be broken up at Boulogne.


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