A steel full-rigged ship built in 1894 by William Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for £ 17.200. Dimensions [275'8"×41'9"×24'2"] and 2206 GRT, 2113 NRT and 2065 tons under deck.

Sistership to the Barfillan, Hyderbad and Blackbraes.

1894 January
Launched at the shipyard of W. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for R.W. Leyland & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. _____ and signal ____. [Walker has May as month of launch]
1910 January 15
Sold to Schlüter & Maack, Hamburg, for £ 4150 and was renamed Harvestehude. Assigned the official German signal RQHT. The new measurements were 82,24×12,78×7,49 meters and 2182 GRT. Captain F. Carstens was put in command.
Interned at Santa Rosalia for the duration of the First World War.
Devlivered to the victorious powers as war damage compensation.
Sold to the Dollar Line. Laid up in San Francisco for two years.
Sold to Coastwise SS Co. (James Griffiths & Sons), Vancouver, BC, and was renamed Riversdale. Converted to a barge.
Sold to Island Tug and Barge Co., Victoria, BC.
Sold to Crown Zellerbach Corp. and was renamed Crown Zellerbach No. 3.
Sunk as a breakwater at Royston, Vancouver, BC.
The figurehead is preserved at the office of the Island, Tug and Barge Co., Victoria, BC.


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