An iron full-rigged ship built in 1874 by W. Pile & Co., Sunderland. Dimensions: W. Pile & Co., Sunderland 235'6"×38'4"×22'6" and tonnage: 1519 GRT, 1447 NRT and ____ tons under deck. Equipped with a lion figurehead.
Launched at the shipyard of W. Pile & Co., Sunderland, for Devitt & Moore, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 68905 and signal NCSH. Employed in the Australian trade.
In command of Captain Alexander Louttit late of the same owner's ship St Vincent.
Sailed from London to Adelaide in 74 days.
1882 October 15 - December 23
Sailed from London to Melbourne in 69 days from the English Channel.
In command of Captain J.H. Barrett late of the same owner's ship South Australian.
1887 October 17 - December 26
Sailed from Lizard to Sydney in 68 days or 71 days from the River.
1888 March 4 - June 11
Sailed from Sydney to London in 99 days.
1888 December 24 - March 27
Sailed from Sydney to London in 93 days.
1889 May 29 - August 22
Sailed from London to Sydney in 78 days from the Lizard.
1889 October 30 - January 17
Sailed from Sydney to London in 78 days. She sailed four days before the Cutty Sark which together with the Cimba made this season's fastest passage with 75 days.
In command of Captain H.N. Forbes late of the same owner's ship Collingwood.
In command of Captain F. Northey.
In command of Captain F.W. Corner.
1895 November 1
Left Gravesend for Sydney, but bad weather was met already in the Channel. The figure-head was lost during the gale and was washed ashore in Whitesand Bay, Cornwall, six months later. The Rodney arrived in Sydney 105 days out.
Sold to French owners in Nantes and was renamed Gypsy.
1901 December 7
Wrecked on the coast of Cornwall on voyage from Iquique to France with a cargo of nitrate.


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