Seirol Wyn

A three-masted iron barque built in 1877 by Russel & Co., Port Glasgow. Her dimensions were 64,4×10,4×6,4 meters [211'3×34'0×21'1] and tonnage 1065 GRT, 1115 NRT, and 997 tons under deck.
1877 February
Launched at the shipyard of Russel & Co., Port Glasgow, for Hugh Pritchard, Penetraeth, Anglesea. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 76740 and signal QMGV.
Captain G.W. Adam is listed as Master in the 1879-1880 edition of Lloyd's Register of Shipping.
Master: Captain A. Storm.
Sold to A. Meling, Stavanger, Norway. Assigned the official Norwegian signal HNDB. The Norwegain tonnage figures were 1088 GRT and 1029 NRT. Captain O.S. Melling was given command of the ship.
Sold to Rederi Actiesellskabet "Perfect" (Jean B. Linaaer), Sandefjord, and renamed Perfect.
The tonnage figures listed by Bureau Veritas for 1905-1906 was 1088 GRT and 1030 NRT. Captain A. Nielsen was listed as Master.
Master: Captain Aug. Halvorsen.
Master: Captain H.A. Hansen.
Master: Captain N.C. Thoresen.
Master: Captain H.A. Hansen.
Sold to Skibs A/S "Bauer" (A. Gordon Firing), Sandefjord.
1917 March 23
Sailed from Bahia Blanca for København with a cargo of 1784 tons of wheat in bags and bulk.
1917 June 14
Sunk by gunfire from a German [?] submarine 64 miles west of Uduar at 60°4'N, 2°14'E,. The crew managed to get away in the boats and was picked up by the Dutch steamer Zaanland, Amsterdam, the following day.


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