An iron fullrigged ship built in 1883 by R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow, as yard no. 196. Dimensions: 254'1"×39'0"×22'9" and tonnage: 1603 GRT, 1528 NRT and 1449 tons under deck.
Launched at the shipyard of Skelmorlie Ship Co. (R. Duncan & Co.), Port Glasgow, for T.O. Hunter & Co., Greenock. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 87398 and signal JDRB. Captain G. Halliday.
Sold to Ant. Dom. Bordes et Fils, Dunkerque and was renamed Cerro Alegre.
Sold to J. Oelckers, Puerto Montt, Chile, and was renamed Puerto Montt.
1917 October
Sold to Transoceana Rederi AB, Gothenburg, and was renamed Transocean.
1918 June 26
Sold to Rederi AB Othalia, Helsingborg, for SEK 1.000.000 and was renamed .
Captain Peter Sigfrid Sörensson, Råå.
1921 May 6
Sold at auction to C.G. Carlström, Helsingborg, for SEK 50.000. Captain Olof Bernhard Björk, Råå.
1924 April
Sold to Kallentin Svensson and partners, Viken, for SEK 43.500. When the ship had been rigged off the hull was sold to a buyer in Dortmund for SEK 46.000.
1924 May 27
The hull was towed from Helsingborg by a German tug.


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