A composite full-rigged ship built of teak and iron in 1866 by A. Hall, Aberdeen. Dimensions: 212'0"×40'0"×27'0" and tonnage: 2131 GRT, 2131 NRT and 2089 tons under deck. She was the largest composite sailing ship ever built. Originally rigged with skysails.
1866 November
Launched at the shipyard of A. Hall, Aberdeen, for Lowther, Maxton & Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 54680 and signal JFSV. Chartered to Devitt & Moore, London, and employed in the Australian passenger & cargo trade. Captain Kyle was her first commander.
In command of Captain J.A. Elmslie late of the Cospatrick.
1870 December 28
Arrived to Sydney from Plymouth.
Sold to Devitt & Moore, London.
1879 October 3 - December 16
Sailed from Plymouth to Melbourne in 74 days.
1881 September 27 - December 6
Sailed from Plymouth to Melbourne in 70 days.
1881 September 29 - December 13
Sailed from Plymouth to Melbourne in 75 days.
Sold to the New South Wales Government for £ 15.000 and turned into a reformatory ship moored off Cockatoo Island in Sydney harbour.
Sold to the Commonwealth Government for £ 15.000 and was renamed HMAS Tingara. Converted into a training ship for boys entering the Australian Navy at a cost of £ 7000.
Sold and moored in Berry's Bay, Sydney.
Broken up at Sydney.


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