A wooden full-rigged ship built of teak and oak in 1851 by James Laing, Sunderland. Dimensions 165'7"×33'0"×22'9" and 967 GRT, 925 NRT and 843 tons under deck. The forecastle was 29' long and the poop 57'. The figurehead was Fame blowing a trumpet.
1851 June 16
Launched at the shipyard of James Laing, Sunderland, for Duncan Dunbar. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 806 and signal HFKR.
1862 September 5
Joseph Moore bought 4 shares of Captain Henry Neathby.
Sails for Devitt & Moore, London. Employed in the Australian passenger and cargo trade.
In command of Captain J. Green.
1865 September 30
Sailed from Portand to Fremantle with 280 convicts. The passage lasted 83 days.
1872 May
Sold to Thos. Goldfinch, Whitestable, Kent.
Reduced to barque rig.
Sold to J. & R. Grant, London.
Sold to N. Olsen, Arendal, Norway.
1903 December
Broken up.


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