An iron barque built in 1875 by London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Glasgow, as yard no. 187. Dimensions: 189'7"×31'3"×19'1" and tonnage: 777 GRT, 745 NRT and 713 tons under deck.
1875 December
Launched at the shipyard of London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Glasgow, for R. Bramwell, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 73611 and signal PHVT.
Captain Cooper.
Owners changed to Bramwell & Gardner, London.
Sold to W.I. Jacobs & Co., London.
1903 April
Sold to Gustaf Magnus Magnusson and partners, Råå. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 4160 and signal JNGS. The new measurements were 56,44×9,34×5,81 meters and 770 GRT, 695 NRT and 1120 DWT.
1903 May
Sailed from London to South Africa under command of Captain Gustaf Magnus Magnusson.
1908 October
Captain Gustaf Albin Andersson, Råå.
1909 February 8
Captain Johan Martin Björk, Råå.
1918 March
Sold to Rederi AB Vala (Otto Hillerström), Helsingborg.
1918 April
Captain John Andersson, Brantevik.
1918 May 31
Sailed from Liverpool with a cargo of coal for Isafjord, Iceland.
1918 June 2
Was fired at by a German submarine. The crew left the ship which disappeared in the setting fog. The Wanlock was later found still floating and was brought into Buncrana.
1918 July 14
Continued the voyage after temporary repairs.
1918 July 16
Sunk by a German submarine 60 miles NW Fanad Point.


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