An iron fullrigged ship built in 1855 by G. Cram & Co., Chester. Dimensions 219'0"×35'9"×21'9" and 1359 GRT and 1359 NRT.
Launched at the shipyard of G. Cram & Co., Chester, for Sharples & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 24168 and signal NVQD.
Captain E.J. Ellis.
1884 [1882?]
Sold to Taylor, Sons & Co., London. [According to Lloyd's Register 1889-1890, Capt. Ellis was appointed to the Winefred in 1882, the same year he came to Taylor, Sons & Co.
1894 March
Sold to J.W. Söderlund, Rauma, Finland. The Finnish measurements were 1359 GRT and 1198 NRT. Captain W. Laine.
Captain G.W. Wass.
Sold to Armando Marius & Co., Manaos, Brazil, and converted to a barge,


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