A revolutionary ironclad turret warship constructed by John Ericsson. Dimensions: 37,8×10,36×1,78 meters. Armed with two 11 in. smooth-bore Dahlgren guns.
The structure consists of three pincipal parts, viz., a shallow-decked vessel with perpendicular sides, dead flat bottom and pointed ends. Under this shallow vessel a second and deeper vessel is attached with a raking stem abd stern, perfectly flat bottom and sides inclined at an angle of 51 to the vertical line. This lower vessel does not extend the entire length or breadth of the upper one. It is in free communication with the latter, the bottom of which is cut out corresponding excatly with the top line of the lower vessel. The third principal part consists of a cylindrical turret.

The Ericsson Battery, Scientific American Vol. 5 (1861), No. 21, 23 November, p 331:

1862 January 30
Launched at Thomas F. Rowland's shipyard at Green Point, Long Island, New York.
1862 February 19
Conducted sea trials.
1862 March 4
Delivered to the US Navy.
1862 March 9
Participated in the battle against the ironclad CSS Virginia off Hampton Roads, VA.
1862 December 31
Sank during a storm off Cape Hatteras while being towed.



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