T/S "Norway"

A luxuary passenger liner built in 1961 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St Nazaire, as the France for the trans-Atlantic route. Her dimensions are 290,03x33,71x24,59 m and tonnage 66.348 GRT, 36.063 NRT, and 13.960 DWT. Equipped with 16 steam turbines of togther 199.360 kW working on four shafts.
Launched at the shipyard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St Nazaire, for Compagnie Generale Maritime, Le Havre, for their trans-Atlantic route.
1974 October 8
Laid up at Le Havre.
1977 October
Sold to Saudi-Arabian interest to be used as a floating hotel and restaurant off Jedda, but the plans were never materialised.
Bought by the Norwegian Caribean Lines (Klosters Rederi A/S) for a reported USD 18 millionand renamed Norway.
Re-built as a cruise ship at Bremerhaven. New tonnage 70202 GRT and 38573 NRT.
Sails for the Norwegian Cruise Line.

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