Square-rigged Ships

Square-rigged sailing ships preserved in museums or as museum ships.

Re-constructed Square-rigged Ships.

1300 Bremer Kogge
1492 Santa Maria,
1492 Santa Maria, built in Barcelona in 1989.
1492 Nina
1492 Pinta
16__ Mayflower,
16__ Maryland Dove,
1627 Batavia, a reconstruction built at in 19??-1995.
Launched 1995-04-23.
17?? VOC Amsterdam (1990), a reconstruction of a VOC-ship.
1757 HMS Rose, a reconstruction built in 1970.
Captain's Cove Seaport, Bridgeport, CT, USA.
1787 Bounty, a reconstruction built in 1962
Fall River, MA, USA.
1787 Bounty, a reconstruction built in 1983, NZ.
Sydney, Australia.
1787 Bounty, a reconstruction built in 19__
17__ Jakobstads Wapen, Finnish brigantine, a reconstruction built in 1993.
Jakobstad, Finland.
1764 Endeavour, barque built 19__
1788 Lady Washington, brig built in 1989.
1799 Lady Nelson, brigg built in 1987.
1884 Discovery, a quarter scale reconstruction of the Henry B. Hyde built in 1991 [?]
1020 Linden, three-mast schooner built in 1992 [?].
Mariehamn, Åland.

Authentic Square-riggers

1877 Elissa, ex Achaios, ex Christophoros, ex Gustaf, ex Fjeld, ex Elissa, three-masted barque.
Huoston, TX, USA.
1914 Belem, French sailing ship, ex Giorgio Cini, ex Fantô.me II.
1914 Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Norwegian three-masted barque.
1921 Sedov ex Magdalene Vinnen, four-masted barque.
1926 Krusenstern ex Padua, four-masted barque.
1931 Amerigo Vespucci Italy, three-masted ship.
1936 Eagle USA, three-masted barque.
1937 Christian Radich, Norwegian sailing ship.
19__ Gorch Fock, Germany, three-masted barque.
1968 Gloria
Colombian three-masted barque.
1977 Guyas
three-masted barque.
1980 Simon Bolivar
Venezuela, three-masted barque.
1982 Cuauhtemoc
Mexican Navy three-masted barque. Another
1982 Dar Mlodziezy Poland, three-masted ship.
1984 Nippon Maru Japan, four-masted barque.
1989 Kaiwo Maru Japan, four-masted barque.

1899 Jens Krogh (DK), ketch.
1993 Oosterschelde (NL), three-masted top-sail schooner.
1953 Dewaruci (Indonesia), three-masted barquentine.
1953 Shabab Oman (Omani Navy), three-masted barquentine.
1990 Kaisei (JP), brigantine.
1993 Akogare (JP), three-masted top-sail schooner.

1765 HMS Victory
Portsmouth, GB.
1791 Peggy, private schooner yacht.
Isle of Man, GB.
1797 USS Constitution
Boston, MA, USA.
1817 HMS Foydroyant, British frigate, ex Trincomalee.
Portsmouth, GB.
1824 HMS Unicorn, British frigate.
1855 USS Constellation
Baltimore, MD, USA.
1841 Charles W Morgan, American whaling ship.
Mystic Harbour, CT, USA.
1860 Jylland, Danish steam frigate.
1860 HMS Warrior
Portsmouth, GB.
1863 Star of India, sailing ship.
San Diego, CA, USA.
1864 Carrick, British sailing ship, ex City of Adelaide.
1869 Cutty Sark, tea-clipper.
Greenwich, Great Britain.
1874 Joseph Conrad, sailing ship.
Mystic Harbour, CT, USA.
1878 Falls of Clyde, four-masted ship.
Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, USA.
1881 Moshulu, four-masted barque.
Philadelphia, PA, USA.
1882 James Craig, sailing ship.
Sydney, Australia.
1885 Polly Woodside, ex Rona, ex Polly Woodside, sailing ship.
Melbourne, Australia.
1886 Balacluta, sailing ship.
San Francisco, CA, USA.
1887 Sigyn, sailing ship.
Sjöhistoriska Museet vid Åbo Akademi, Åbo, Finland.
1888 af Chapman
Stockholm, Sweden.
1903 Pommern, ex Mneme, Finnish four-masted barque.
Mariehamn, Åland.
1897 Najaden, Swedish sailing ship.
Halmstad, Sweden.
1899 Jarramas, Swedish sailing ship.
Karlskrona, Sweden.
1901 Discovery, British aux. sailing ship.
1907 Viking, four-masted barque.
Göteborgs Maritima Centrum, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1902 Suomen Joutsen, sailing ship.
Åbo, Finland.
1911 Passat, four-masted barque.
Travemünde, Germany.
1911 Peking, four-masted barque.
New York, NY, USA.

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