Preserved Schooners built before 1900

Preserved Schooners
Schooners, ketches, and sloops built before 1900 and preserved as museum ships or in active duty.
Year Name Type Status Location
1791 Peggy two-masted schooner museum Isle of Man, Great Britain
1848 Anna af Sand sloop Norway
1852 Jensine cutter Denmark
1854 Ruth sloop Museum Danmark
c1855 Br°drene af Sand jakt restoration Nordheimsund, Norway
c1855 Jelsa jakt active Fredrikstad
1856 Isla Ebusitana two-masted schooner San Remo, Italy.
1857 Fr°ia schooner Norway.
1864 Adella sloop Restoration Norway.
1865 Oline Hardanger sloop Museum. In sailing condition Norway
1866 Emma C. Berry Noank smack USA
1867 Gr÷nland sloop Museum Germany
1867 May Queen Australia
1868 Anna Rogde two-masted schooner In sailing condition Norway
1870 Annie Watt ketch Museum on shore. No masts Australia.
1871 Stephen Taber two-masted schooner In sailing condition. USA
1871 Lewis R. French two-masted schooner In sailing condition. USA
1873 Gj°a sloop Museum on shore Norway
c1874 Helmi sandkil restoration Sweden
1874 Isefjord schooner Denmark
1875 Trui botter In sailing condition The Netherlands
1876 Mina two-masted schooner Sweden
1877 Governor Stone 2-m sch Museum, in sailing condition USA
1878 Lena ex De vrouw Wilhelmina sloop The Netherlands
1880 Eureka cutter Sweden
1881 Oak Great Britain
1882 Grace Bailey 2-m sch In sailing condition USA
1883 Christeen sloop Under restoration USA
1884 Arbeid Adelt stevenaak Groningen, The Netherlands
1885 Pilgrimmen ketch Sweden
1885 Pioneer schooner USA
1886 Isaac H. Evans schooner In sailing condition USA
1887 Ane Catherine sloop museum Esbjerg, Denmark
1887 Undine sloop active New Zealand
1888 Equator Great Britain
1889 Anna Kristina hardanger jekt active Norway
1889 Edna E. Lockwood bugeye Museum USA
1889 Ethel Maud Great Britain
1889 Violet Great Britain
1890 De Hoop dektjalk museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1890 De Vier Gebroeders sloop museum Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
1891 Alma 2-m scow schooner Museum USA
1891 May Great Britain
1891 Speranza ketch Sweden
1892 Frem 3-m schooner museum Oslo, Norway
1892 Mirosa Great Britain
1892 Sarpen ketch Sweden
1893 Dawn of the Day cutter Sweden
1893 Felix Great Britain
1893 Lettie G. Howard schooner museum USA
1893 Result three-masted schooner Great Britain
1894 De Drie Gebroeders The Netherlands
1894 Ernestina ex Effie M. Morrissey 2-m schooner In sailing condition USA
1894 Spry Great Britain
1895 C.A. Thayer three-masted schooner Museum USA
1895 Defender Australia
1895 Heiltje hagenaar active The Netherlands
1895 Jantina bok museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1895 Lord Nelson cutter active Sweden
1895 Victor Great Britain
1895 Kitty Great Britain
1896 Anna klipper active The Netherlands
1896 Beric Great Britain
1897 Dawn Great Britain
1897 Ethel Ada Great Britain
1897 Skidbladner II ketch Denmark
1897 Wawona USA
1898 Albion Great Britain
1898 Anglia Great Britain
1898 Ellen ketch Sweden
1899 Amalia ketch Sweden
1899 Jens Krogh ketch Denmark

1900 Victory Chimes ex Edwin and Maud 3-m sch In sailing condition USA
1901 Kathryn skipjack In sailing condition USA
1905 Hilda M. Willing skipjack In sailing condition USA
1913 Adventuress 2-m sch In sailing condition USA
1916 Merchantile schooner In sailing condition USA
1921 Bowdoin 2-m sch In sailing condition USA
1921 L.A. Dunton sch museum USA
1927 J.E. Riggin sch In sailing condition USA

No longer in existance:

1837 Rictor ketch Broken up in 1998 Sweden
1846 Alvin Clark two-masted schooner Turned into a parkinglot USA

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