Eleanor A. Percy

A six-masted schooner built of wood in 1900 by Percy & Small, Bath, Maine. Dimensions: 323'5"×50'0"×24'8" and tonnage 3401 GRT and 3062 NRT. Was the second six-masted schooner, launched two months after the George W. Wells.
1900 October 10
Launched at the shipyard of Percy & Small, Bath, Maine, for their own account. Captain L.W. Jewett was given command of the vessel.
1901 June 29
Collided off Cape Cod with the George W. Wells, the only other six-masted schooner at the time. Neither ship was seriously damaged, but the repairs lasted for 35 days at Percy & Small's shipyard.
Sailed from Boston to Newport News and back with 5500 tons of coal in 13 days.
Sold to New York owners and was chartered to take a cargo of case oil to Monte Video.
Sold to Theo B. Heistein & Sønner, Christiansand, for $ 800.000 together with three other schooners, including Monott's four-masted schooner Ada F. Brown (1901)..
1919 November 11
Left Rio de Janeiro for Copenhagen with a cargo of wheat.
1919 December 25
Foundered c500 miles off the coast of Ireland. The logbook which was thrown overboard before the crew abandoned the ship was washed ashore on the Scilly Islands two years later. The second mate N.P. Austrin's last entry was: "Sprung a leak, sinking, lat 48°N, long 19°W, bound for Copenhagen".

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