Sunbeam II

A three-masted steel schooner built in 1929 by W. Denny Brothers, Dumbarton, as Yard No. 1229 to the design of G.L. Watson & Co., Glasgow. Dimensions 168'0"×30'9"×17'4" and tonnage 505 GRT, 292 NRT, 76 DWT and 759 tons displacement. Equipped with a 400 bhp aux. Atlas Diesel engine.

The figurehead and steering-wheel came from the three-masted schooner Sunbeam built in 1874 for Lord Brassey.

1929 June 20
Launched at the shipyard of W. Denny Brothers, Dumbarton, for Lord Runciman to be used as a private yacht.
Transferred to the British Government during the war and used as a submarine tender.
1946 August
Sold to Abraham Rydbergs Stiftelse, Stockholm, for SEK 275.000 and used as a sail training ship. Seems to have been renamed Sunbeam. The Swedish measurements were 195'6"[loa]×30'2"×17'6" and tonnage 637,39 GRT and 286,28 NRT. Assigned the Swedish signal SELZ.
In command of Captain Sam Svensson.
In command of Captain Lars Baecklund.
In command of Captain Tore Hagström.
In command of Captain Sam Svensson.
1955 January 31
Sold to Rederi AB Clipper (Einar Hansen), Malmö, and was renamed Flying Clipper. Captain Tore Hagström was put in command.
1965 June 4
Sold to the National Mercantile Marine Academy, Piraeus, and was renamed Eugene Eugenides. The Greek measurements were 49,60×9,10 meters, 634,34 GRT, 225,71 NRT and 1300 tons displacement.


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