A three-masted schooner built of oak and pine in 1929 at Björkenäs, Pukavik, Sweden. Equipped with an auxilliary 58 H.P. oil engine. Dimensions: 26,01×6,74×2,37 meters and tonnage: 96,71 GRT and 74,23 NRT.
Launched for Karl Anders Ögård, Gravarne, Sweden. Assigned the official Swedish registration number 7532.
1931 July
Owned by part-owners managed by K.A. Ögård. The auxilliary engine is now of 90 H.P.
1939 Spring
Sold to Rederi AB Spårö, Västervik, and renamed to Lindö.
1940 Fall
Sold to Ernst F. Dunér et al. but kept Västervik as her homeport.
Transferred to Rederi AB Österhavet where Dunér was managing director.
1944 January
Sold to Erik A.H. Johansson et al. in Stockholm.
Bought by Tage Gustavsson et al. in Edshultshall.
Re-rigged as a ketch ("galeas" in Swedish).
One of the part-owners, Hugo Gösta O. Gustavsson, became the sole owner.
1963 Summer
Sold to Kenneth Adolfsson, Bergkvara.
Sometime around 1966 sold to Hjalmar Konrad Olsson et al., Kalmar, and was equipped with an oil-engine.
This was the last freight season, the following year she was sold to Peter J. Wood, Hobro.
Left for New York by way of Svendborg where she was re-rigged as a three-masted schooner.
The Alexandria Seaport Foundation bought the schooner and renamed her the Alexandria.
1996 September
Sold to Yale Iverson, Des Moines, Iowa, when it was found that she required extensive repairs.
Foundered some 50 miles SW off Cape Hatteras, NC, USA, on voyage to Beaufort, NC. The crew was saved by the US Coast Guard.

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