Viking Sally

Combined car and passenger ferry built in 1980 at Jos. L. Meyer Schiffswerft, Papenburg, for the Rederi AB Sally (Viking Line).
  • Dimensions: 155,43×24,21×5,55 meters
  • Tonnage: 15566 GRT, 8372 NRT; 2800
  • Machinery: 4 8-cyl. MAN oil engine at 24000 hp, 21 knots.
  • 1980 June 29
    Delivered to Rederi AB Sally under the name Viking Sally and put on the Åbo/Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm trade on the 5th of July.
    1987 October
    Rederi AB Sally withdrew from the Viking Line but Viking Sally was charted by Rederi AB Slite (Viking Line) for 18 months.
    1989 February
    Sold to EFFOA, Helsingfors, but once again chartered by Rederi AB Slite for another 12 months.
    Transferred to the Silja Line and renamed Silja Star to be used as a replacement for the delayed Silja Serenade.
    Renamed Wasa King and put on the Kvarken trade.
    Sold to the Estonian shipping line Estline (Nordström & Thulin and Estonian Shipping Company Ltd.). Put on the Tallinn-Stockholm trade on the 1st of February.
    1994 September 28
    Foundered in a 25 m/s storm with the loss of 852 lives.


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