Sailing Warships: HMS Rose.

A 20-gun 6th-rate ship built in 1757 at Hugh Blaydes Shipyard, Hull. The Seaford class of 1753 was built to the lines of the yacht Royal Caroline (1750) [vide Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria] for the British Royal Navy . The dimensions of the Seaford-class were: 108', 89'4" 7/8 x 30'1"x9'6". 430 37/94 (Dockyard built); 108'11½", 90'10 1/4"x30'4"x9'7" (Contract built). Men: 160. Guns: 20 × 9 pounders on the gun deck.
Plans (NMM): Lines/ Lines & profile/ Profile. Seaford: 1769: Decks. 1770: Decks. 1771: Decks.
1756 April 13
Ordered to be built.
1756 June 5
Keel laid at Hugh Blaydes' Shipyard, Hull.
1757 March 8
Stationed at Newport, RI, during the American revolutionary war under command of Captain James Wallace.
1779 September 19
Burnt and sunk to block the Savannah Bar in the defense of the entrance of Savannah, GA, to protect the city against a French invasion fleet.
In his The Sailing Navy List David Lyon is rather critical to the Rose replica. "A rather inaccurate 'replica' was constructed some years ago; on the grounds that the Rose's depradations had been the direct cause of the foundation of the US Navy; and is still in existence at the time of writing (1992), persistently and inaccurately referred to as "the frigate Rose".

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