[Stora] Kronan

A Swedish 126 gun warship built in Stockholm by the English shipwright Francis Sheldon and launched in 1668. The dimensions of the ship were 53,00×12,92×6,23 meters [178'5"×43'] with a calculated displacement of 2140 tons. The armament of 126 guns made her the most powerful ship of her time.

Capsized during the Battle of Öland, 1676, against the combined Danish and Dutch fleets and exploded and sank. Most of the guns were salvaged already during the 17th century using a primitive diving bell.

Discovered in 1981 after extensive archival research by the naval historian Anders Franzén. Several of the remaining guns have been salvaged and are on display at the Kalmar Länsmuseum together with many other unique relicts from the wreck. The oldest guns found so far is a German 30 pound piece cast in 1514 and the youngest was cast in 1661.

1664 October 27
The keel was laid at the Royal Shipyard, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.
1668 July 31
The completion of the ship was delayed due to shortage of funds.
1676 June 1
Capsized, exploded and sank during the Battle of Öland against the combined Danish and Dutch fleets under command of Admiral Niels Juel. It has been said that the Admiral Lorentz Creutz, the Elder, was personally responsible for the disaster. Some 800 men, including the admiral and his son, lost their lives when the ship sank.
1980 August 8
The wreck was found by Anders Franzén et al. at 26 meters depth some 4 nautical miles East of the church of Hulterstad, Öland.

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