Colling Pinkney's Patent Self-Reefing and Furling Sails.

Messrs. Colling and Pinkney, of Sunderland, are also inventors of a plan for self-reefing Topsails, &c., from the deck, without sending a man aloft to reef or furl. Their invention consists in the adaptation of a roller or Rolling spar to the foreside of the yard, in such a way that it gives additional strength, whilst, at the same time, adding little or nothing to the weight aloft over the old plan, where no reefing apparatus is used.

The sail can be wound up entirely on the rolling spar, like a "window-blind", by means of a parbuckle or reefing halyards, which leads from the topmast head to the yard-arms, and adds materially to the strength, insomuch that it will be next to impossible to carry the yards away with this arrangement. The whole construction is so very simple, that any seaman immediately understands it on once seeing it. This invention can easily be applied to ships having no reefing apparatus, as it is not necessary to alter the yards or sails -- only the points are to be taken out and reef-cringles. The sails being reefed without straining or shaking, will wear much longer, and are much more simple in their construction, and cost less at the first cost, there being no reef-points, bands, or gasket.

A great number of ships having been fitted, and having been used inall climates and all weathers, has proved them to answer all that could be desired in a self-reefing sail.

This invention will be readily nderstood by reference to the accompanying sketches, and also enable any one to fit up the Apparatus.

Mast-Maker's Memorandum.