Sailing and Fighting Instructions for His Majesty's Fleet.

Signals by Day.

Distinguishing Lights for the Flags.


The Admiral, who commands the Fleet, is to have three Lights on the Poop, and one on the Main-top.


The Vice-Admiral, or he who has the Second Post, to have two on his Poop, and one on his Main-top.


The Rear-Admiral, or he who has the Third Post, one on his Main-top, and one on his Poop.


The Vice-Admiral of each Squadron, two on his Poop.


The Rear-Admiral of each Squadron, one on his Poop: But when the whole Fleet carry their Lights, then the rear-Admiral of each Squadron is to carry two Lights, the one hoisted a Yard above the other, on the Ensign-staff.


In Case of foul Weather, and a dark Night, each Ship is to carry a Light.
Sailing and Fighting Instructions for His Majesty's Fleet, 1775.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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