One flag signals

International Code 1934 revision.
A Undergoing speed trials.
B I am taking in or unloading explosives.
C Yes (affirmative)
D Keep clear of me. I am manoeuvring with difficulty.
E I am altering course to starboard.
F I am disabled — communicate with me.
G I require a pilot.
H I have a pilot onboard
I I am altering course to port
J I am going to send a message by semaphore.
K You should stop your vessel instantly.
L You should stop. I have something important to communicate.
M I have a doctor on board.
N No (negative).
O Man overboard.
P At sea: Your lights are out.
In harbour: Vessel about to sail.
Q My vessel is healthy. I request free pratique.
R The way is off my ship.
S Engines are going astern.
T Do not pass ahead of me.
U You are standing into danger.
V I require assistance.
W I require medical assistance.
X Stop carrying out your intention and watch my signal.
Y I am carrying mail.
Z Used to address or call shore signal stations.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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