Measurement of Tonnage

The length shall be taken on a straight Line along the Rabbet of the Keel of the Ship, from the Back of the Main sternpost to a perpendicular Line from the Forepart of the Main Stem under the Bowsprit, from which subtracting Three-fifths of the Breadth, the Remainder shall be esteemed the just Length of the Keel to find the Tonnage; and the Breadth shall be taken from the outside of the Plank in the Broadest Place in the Ship, be it either above or below the Main Wales, exclusive of all manner of doubling Planks that may be wrought upon the Sides of the Ship; then multiplying the Length of the Keel by the Breadth so taken, and that Product by Half the Breadth, and dividing the whole by Ninety-four, the Quotient shall be be deemed the true Contents of the Tonnage.
[13 Geo III, c 74]

George Moorsom: A Brief Review and Analysis of the Laws for the Admeasurement fo Tonnage, etc., 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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