The Clipper Ship Blue Jacket, in the Liverpool and Australian Trade.

This new and beautiful ship was built at East Boston, during the past year, by R.E. Jackson. She is 224 feet on deck, 41 1-3 feet extreme breadth of beam, 24 feet hold, and registers 1,790 tons. Her frame is white oak, the plank and ceiling hard pine. She is diagonally braced with iron, and is square-fastened throughout. The stern is ornamented with an arch of gilded carving, in the centre of which are representations of fruits and flowers. The bow is ornamented with a full-length carved figure of a blue-jacket sailor. In the left hand he holds the American flag, in the right a cutlass. Her cabins, of which she has two, are under a poop deck. The saloon is 40 feet long by 14 wide, painted white, and ornamented with papier maché gilt work; in the centre of each panel is a representation of flowers, fruit and game. This saloon contains 20 state-rooms, ventilated and finished in a superior manner; the furniture, carpets, and drapery in each, being different. Each room has a square window on its side, and deck lights above. The after, or ladies' cabin, is 30 feet long by 13 wide, and contains eight state-rooms and a bath-room. This cabin is a miniature palace. It is wainscoted with mahogany, the entablatures are of rosewood, and the pillars of satinwood. The panels are ornamented with flowers, surrounded by gilt scroll work. The capitals and pedestals are neatly covered, the whole relieved with papier maché cornices and gilt work. The cabin is well lighted and ventilated, having four windows aft, a large, square skylight, and one in the centre, which ventilates the deck below.

The U.S. Nautical Magazine, Vol. I (1854-55), p 253.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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