Lars Bruzelius

Studies at the University of Upsala where he received a BA with mathematics, theoretical physics, statistics, and numerical analysis in 1969. Has been working at the Upsala University Computer Center (UDAC), today SYSteam Udac AB, 1970-2008 in the following areas:

Xplor career:

1987 Xerox Joint Technology Council [JTC].
1989-1993 European Conference Chairman.
1990-1994 Board member representing the International Region of Xplor.
1994-1997 Board member representing the European Region of Xplor.
1996 President European Region.
1996 Secretary Xplor Board of Directors.
1991-1995 Xploration editorial board.
1993-1995 Eastman Kodak Joint Technology Council [JTC].
1994-1997 Acting treasurer, Nordic Chapter.
1994-1995 Regional Affairs Committee [RAC].
1996 Technology Committee.
1995-1997 Editor in Chief of the Glossary Working Group.
1998 Treasurer for the European Region.
1998 Editor for the Xplor pages in AGI OnDemand.

Member of:

Home address:

Artillerigatan 13,
SE-752 37 Upsala,

Telephone: +46 (0)18 505296

Jag undanber mig all marknadsföring per telefon, direktreklam och all annan form av skräppost.

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