Stranding of the barque "Tamerlane" on Morfa Bychan Sand

The fine vessel called the Tamerlane, formerly of Liverpool, stranded on Morfa Bychan Sand, during the memorable gale which occured on the coast, in the month of October last, is now the sole property of Mr. John Evans, of St. Michael's Place, Aberystwyth, shipbuilder. This vessel may well be called the Leviathan of the port, being upwards of 600 tons register, and she will carry 1,000 tons. It is with a considerable degree of pleasure that we announce the fact of this fine vessel proving herself, upon examination, to be the best heart of oak; and Mr. Evans, the lucky purchaser, will realise a handsome sum by her having become his property. we may add that, with a very little outlay, Mr. Evans will be able to send the vessel out to sea very early, for Baltic timber; and, from enquiry we find, that her freight on one voyage will exceed 1,300l. Our readers will see at a glance, that Mr, Evans has been exceedingly lucky in his treaty, for we understand that he gave for the vessel, together with her rigging, materials, &c., only 200l.
Carnavon and Denbigh Herald, January 2, 1847.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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