Wreck of the British Ship Glenmorag.

Portland, Oregon, March 20: The British ship Glenmorag, Captain Archibald Currie, from Callao, in ballast, for Portland, went ashore about 4 p.m. yesterday on the coast of Washington seven miles above Ilwaco in a dense fog. She sailed from Shields, August 15th, and arrived at Callao December 9th.

The first intimation of the wreck reached Ocean Park about 5 o'clock when one of the crew arrived at Mrs. Taylor's seeking assistance for his injured companions. The news spread to Nahcotta like wildfire and soon after a large number of residents made their way to the scene of the wreck, where they found the captain and crew, of whom two were killed and four injured.

The ship struck at about high water and now lies port side to the shore. From Captain Currie it is learned that the first indications of danger was the cry of "Breaker on port bow!" from the man on the lookout. He immediately attempted to wear around and almost succeeded when she struck and swung around, broadside on, with her head to the southward. The after port and starboard boats were cleared away and lowered, both reaching the water about the same time. The mate, who was in the lee boat, attempted to pull out to sea, but was forced to let her drift in shore. The boat which had been lowered on the weather side in rounding the stern was caught by a tremendous sea and dashed up under the ship's counter crushing the occupants in a cruel manner and smashing the boat considerably, the air-tight tanks with which she was provided alone keeping her afloat.

The captain next set about lowering the forward boat, and reached the shore in safety an hour later. On landing he discovered that two men had been killed and four injured.

The Glenmorag is an iron, full-rigged ship of 1567 tons register, and was built on the Clyde, Scotland, in 1876. She is owned by R. & C. Allan, who were also the owners of the Strathblane, which was wrecked near the same spot four years ago this month. Captain Currie had been in command of her the past nine years.

The Glenmorag was the last of the clipper ships built for the Allan Line, and was owned by R.S. and C.A. Allan of Glasgow. She was launched at Glasgow in 1876, was 255 feet long, 38 feet beam, and 22 feet deep, and of 1567 tons.

San Francisco Chronicle, March 3, 1896.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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