Australia "White Star" Clippers

The celebrated Ex-Royal Mail clipper-ship Shalimar, Captain Brown, 1456 tons register, 4750 tons burthen, will be despatched from Liverpool to Melbourne as the packet of the 20th October, sailing punctually at Noon of that Day. This noble vessel carried her Majesty's Royal Mails, under contract, three successive voyages, during which she performed some of the most marvellous sailing feats on record; her first voyage was made from Liverpool to Australia (cape Northumberland) in sixty-seven days, from Melbourne to Liverpool in seventy-five days, and from Liverpool to Melbourne in seventy-five days. She has made four voyages round the world in two years and eight months and has sailed the extraordinary distance of 420 miles in one day, a feat never equalled by the fastest steamers afloat. Her saloons like those of the Red Jacket, White Star and other clippers of this line are handsomely furnished, and supplied with a Piano, Library, Bedding, Linen and all necessaries; a Cow for Saloon passengers. The second Cabin in the Poop is an elegant and airy apartment; and the Between-Decks are lofty and thoroughly ventilated. Passengers must embark on the 19th without fail. For freight or passage apply to the owners, H.T. Wilson and Chambers, 21 Water-Street, Liverpool; to J.B. Wilcocks, Agent, Plymout; or to Mr W. Morris, Auctioneer, South Street, Exeter.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post, 30 September 1858.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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