To the Editors of the Boston Atlas: Gentlemen -- As you take particular interest in placing our splendid clipper ships before the public, and awarding praise to our skilful mechanics, I thought it would not be out of place to call the attention of your readers to a fact or two which may have escaped your notice. In describing the clipper ships Surprise and Game Cock, barques Mermaid and Race Horse, all vessels of beautiful models, you have omitted to state, that they were designed. modelled, and draughted by Mr. Samuel H. Pook, who is a young man of great scientific attainments. Mr. Samuel Hall built these vessels, and every one knows, who has seen them, that, for strength and beauty of finish, they were all that could be desired. Mr. Hall's reputation as an experienced, scientific ship builder is well known, and I believe he would be among the first to award Mr. Pook the credit which he has so justly earned. The Race Horse made the shortest passage from this port to San Francisco, and now, the Surprise has taken the lead from New York. These results speak highly for Mr. Pook's skill as a designer and a modeller. Yours, &c.


Boston Daily Atlas, May 8, 1851.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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