CLIPPERS. -- The clippers ship Game Cock, of Boston, Capt. Hollis, which arrived at Hong Kong Dec. 6th., from San Francisco, via Honolulu, made the passage from the latter port in nineteen days. She averaged 261 miles per day, and the greatest day's work was 338 miles, beating the clipper ship Flying Cloud seven days, in the passage from San Francisco, not reckoning twelve hours detention at Honolulu; but it must be borne in mind that the Flying Cloud's mainmast was sprung, and more than half the passage she could only carry reduced sail upon her other two masts.

The clipper ship Witchcraft, of Salem, was dismasted in a severe typhoon on the 19th November, in lat. 22 deg. 40 min. North, lon. 150 deg. East. She was on her passage from San Francisco for China, and by this disaster she lost her main and mizen masts, together with all the sails and rigging attached. She arrived at Hong Kong Dec. 2d.

Boston Daily Atlas, February 4, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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